If you have just hurt yourself and are looking for the quickest recovery possible or have struggled to find a solution to your pain and are just "putting up with it"... look no further as we may have what you need!

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Dynamic Sport Physiotherapy would like to help you live the life you want quickly without the disability or burden of pain by offering you the following:

  • A comprehensive physiotherapy exam where your physiotherapist will assess your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments to find out the exact cause to your current injuries. (Valued at $45).
  • A head to toe bio-mechanical screening to identify potential causes of injury and reduced performance (Value at $35).
  • Hands on treatment so you can start feeling better that very day (Valued at $42)
  • A written action plan to keep you on track – advice, tips and exercises tailored to your needs (Valued at $30).
  • Free spiky ball so you can keep on top of any tight spots in between sessions (Valued at $20)


🔥 All of this for no out of pocket expenses if you have Private Health Insurance! 🔥

No health insurance? No problem. You can have it all too! Just pay $69 for all this goodness.

We want you to reward yourself by experiencing ultimate health now, because you deserve it.

Simply mention this SPECIAL OFFER when you call our practice on (07) 3373 8770. Alternatively, fill in the form below and one of our friendly receptionist will contact you.

Please Note: This is a strictly limited offer and will not last indefinitely.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer valid to New Patients of Dynamic Sport Physiotherapy
  • Gap-Free Consultations are for the very first session only

Why Gap-Free Initial Consults?

At Dynamic Sport Physiotherapy, we are aware that you have probably tried a lot of different treatments. Your time and your money is important, so we only want to work with patients that we know we can help, and want to be helped.
A Gap-Free Initial Consultation is our way of making sure that we are the right fit for one another. We want to know, as much as you do, if we are able to help before asking you to commit your valuable time to a regimen of treatment with us.  If you have any questions before making an appointment, please speak to our receptionist by calling 07 3373 8770.